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Custom Software Development

This term covers a very broad range of programming services. 071computing's principal developer, Brian Donaghy, has a great deal of experience in developing user-friendly Windows applications, as well as developing software for embedded platforms with limited resources, e.g. microcontrollers in electronic products.

Identifying a need

There are very few companies that do not in some way rely on the use of computers, and hence software, for their business. A significant number of companies have a software component to their offered product or service. Whether your business sells software to your customers, or relys on the use of software to function, there are a number of reasons why you may wish to employ 071computing's software development services. We have chosen to broadly classify these reasons as follows:

  1. New Project - You have conceived a new product idea and require resources to implement it
  2. Improvements - You have identified a weakness in an existing product or an existing method of conducting your business, and are seeking an optimisation of existing software or improved business process methods
  3. Recovery - A piece of software is mal-functioning and you require remedial action. Alternatively, a software project has failed and you seek to recoup your losses

Analysing your options

071computing is always happy to receive e-mails from existing clients and from potential future clients. E-mail us now ! Please feel free to ask for advice, or to inquire about possible solutions to problems you may have. If you already have a good understanding of what you want to achieve by contracting the services of a software developer then please feel free to contact us to arrange for a FREE consultation at your premises to discuss your requirements, without any obligation to subsequently employ our services. Naturally, we will be happy to sign a confidentiality agreement upon reaching your offices should you require this.

Forming the agreement

The contract for software development will vary from project to project, depending on the complexity of the job, and the client's own contract policies. In most cases the contract will include the following:

Rendering payment

In most cases the contract price can be determined in advance providing that the work can be tightly specified. For larger jobs it may be necessary to arrange a scheduling of payments based on identifiable milestones. In some other cases it may be necessary to charge for the developer's time (hourly / daily), as opposed to establishing a fixed-price contract at the outset.

Payment terms will be 14-days from completion of the work, unless agreed otherwise.


DTP & Graphic Design

The founder of 071computing has always had a keen interest in graphic design, and a great appreciation of the use of colour, presentation, and style in business communication.

We can offer very small volume print runs of leaflets etc., with fast turnaround, at low cost. Alternatively we can produce your design electronically as a PDF or bitmap image, allowing you to incorporate the graphic element within your electronic publications, or pass it on to your chosen print house for subsequent print publication.

Logo Design Service

Why not try our Logo Design Service? Priced at €299, you receive the following:

( : At least three implies that other variants may be supplied - at the developer's discretion)

You can then incorporate your logo in your business stationary as appropriate. As an extension to this service we can offer templates for all your business stationary:- letterheads, compliments slips, business cards, FAX covers, mailshots etc.

I have designed and produced numerous brochures, invitations and posters for friends, family and church. I have not had the opportunity to use my design skills overtly in a commercial capacity, however they have always contributed in the background - whether I am working on Windows software with polished graphical interfaces, or communicating analyses and designs with other staff and clients.
Brian Donaghy


Website Development


071computing offers a very basic and low cost website development service. At present no website hosting packages are offered. Should you require web hosting a list of potential providers can be given. For a basic informative website hosting costs can be as low as €7.14 per year, with registration of a domain name from €9.02 (e.g. per year. Alternatively you can decide to work with your own preferred web host. Costs can vary depending on the service level agreements, provision of server functions and technology employed.

Website development requires a number of disparate skills:-

Business Starter Package

Get your company onto the web for €299. This offer includes:

( Note: Hosting is with a third-party web host whose terms and conditions govern the hosting aspect of this Business Starter Package. Disclaimer. )


Business Starter Package+ (Plus)

Get your company established on the web for €399. This offer includes:

( Note: Hosting is arranged at the client's own risk. Disclaimer. )

IT Support

071computing's founder, Brian Donaghy, has 14 years of experience in solving computer-related problems. Whether your network is down, or your printer is acting up we will do our best to solve your IT-related issues promptly. Our proximity to Sligo town (location: Strandhill Road) and access to Broadband Internet helps to ensure a quick response. Our standard hourly rate is €45. Contact us at 087 271 2286


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